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So... just what is a family home daycare?

It is childcare that is offered in the provider's own home. Parents have been doing this for generations having neighbors and friends nearby to help care for their children. Today it's a way for many people who truly enjoy taking care of young children to do the work they love. Some may say this is just baby sitting. Actually, a quality family home daycare is so much more than that. They strives to excel beyond the basics. Quality childcare providers are entrepreneurs who take pride in their small businesses and continually challenge themselves in their child care profession.

What is the advantage of a family home daycare?

One advantage that a home daycare can offer children and parents is continuity. The same person cares for the children all day and can share the child's complete day with the parent. Children that have a consistent caregiver have a sense of safety and security. Parents can rest assured that their child can go from infancy to the start of kindergarten with the same childcare provider.

One of the major benefits a home daycare can offer parents and their children is a small group due to the low child to adult ratio that each home daycare must legally abide by. A smaller group means your child is more likely to get the one on one interaction, have closer social bonds and get more attention he or she needs and deserves. Smaller groups are less stressful to children. This kind of nurturing, individualized attention contributes significantly to a child's social and emotional growth. Also all parents of a young child know that the fewer people their child is exposed to the less likely they are to become ill.

Another potential advantage of a family home daycare is the mixed ages of the children that the provider cares for. Because of this siblings can be cared for together and children have the opportunity to interact and socialize with children of all ages. These mixed ages more closely mirror most families and can help your child learn to feel more comfortable around older and younger children.

Why choose Bizzy Bee Family Child Care?

We believe you and your child would be completely content and happy at Bizzy Bee Family Child Care. Because we are fully committed to our chosen profession, we have made an investment into our home thereby dedicating a portion of our home strictly for daycare. This gives us the unique advantage of having the best of both worlds. We have a small group of children yet at the same time we offer a childcare center like environment with lots of stimulating colors, no nick-nacks to avoid and with child friendly areas for children to explore and play. 

Please take a few minutes to look around our website to see what else we have to offer you and your child.

Good luck with your decision.